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Over recent years, a growing sense of common purpose has developed between the Insurance Sector and the QLD Police Service (Scientific and Arson Units) and the Fire Investigation and Research Unit of the QLD Fire & Emergency Services. In addition, the valued role of the Electrical Safety Office has added valuable dimension. With a renewed diversity of support, resource and expertise the main aims of the QAFI are as follows:

  • To provide a forum in which all agencies involved in the investigation of the cause and origin of fires can develop an understanding of the full range of services and facilities available.
  • To develop initiatives and programs which will raise the level of expertise and experience of those actively involved in the investigation of fires and to raise the level of understanding of those involved in policy making and resource allocation.
  • To provide public education, highlighting the capacity of fire investigators to detect and determine the accurate picture of the dominant causes of fire losses in the community.
  • To promote the highest level of ethical behavior of all those involved, both directly and indirectly, in the investigation of fires.
  • To ensure that expert witness evidence, provided to our Courts, is factual, unbiased and complete; not withstanding the adversarial nature of our justice system.
  • To encourage co-operation between public service agencies, private enterprises and associations, to further the suppression and prevention of fire and arson in Queensland.
  • To foster and promote greater professional competence in fire investigation techniques and the recognition of the crime of arson.

The QAFI invites all interested parties to join with us in bringing to bear the maximum possible effort to bring into control and to diminish the tragedy of fire losses within our community

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